The Incubator for Patient Safety & Outcome (IPSO) executives are leaders in patient safety and innovation.  We pride ourselves in our unity, commitment to excellence, and open collaborations.  Our expertise and efforts span the United States and internationally.  Meet our team from ISOBS and its innovation division, IPSO.

Fred E. Shapiro, DO, FASA
Co-Founder & President, ISOBS & IPSO

Richard D. Urman, MD MBA
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, ISOBS
Director of Clinical Inovation, IPSO

IPSO and ISOBS has helped accomplish countless major patient safety measures. They help set the standard for effective low-risk medical care.
— Michael French, National Patient Advocate

What We've Achieved

  • Set new standards in patient safety with nationally adopted patient safety checklists.

  • Provided innovative research on under explored areas of patient safety.

  • Developed relationships with industry leaders and organizations with patient safety.

  • Created a pipeline of inspiring new leaders for innovations in patient safety.